Let get those quick wins in early

Whether this is your first time building an audio ad, or you've been in radio for decades, we made helpful and in-depth guides that’ll demystify the audio ad creation process & give you a sneak peek on what to expect when you go into the app.

STEP 1 : Watch the walkthrough video

STEP 2 : Follow our step by step digital audio campaign setup guide.

spotify on a mobile phone

Learn all the bells and whistles related to creating the exact right digital audio campaign across podcast, streaming music, digital radio, audio out of home, in-video game audio, and more. 

STEP 3 : How to create an AM/FM campaign

the dials of an am/fm radio

For folks that are interested in traditional broadcast radio across am/fm campaigns we run you through how Decibel can help you execute these campaigns at 10x the speed with 90% easier workflows. 

STEP 4 : Understand your analytics.

a printed page of website analytics

If you can’t measure it did it really happen? We’ll walk you through the options our advanced analytics studio has step by step.

STEP 5 : Everything else.

a laptop and a stack of papers

For everything else from understanding your invoices, installing pixels, creating multi user / agency accounts, how our billing works, and more.

STEP 6: Launch Your Campaign

Alright! You’ve watched the videos that familiarized you with the ad creation platform.
You have your script, ready to copy & paste when prompted. You’ve made your 640×640 banner that’s sitting pretty on your desktop. You have a general plan of who you’re going to be targeting, where they’re located. how long the ad will run, on what budget, and so on.

You have everything in place. It’s time to jump in. Don’t worry. You got this in spades!