Get into the earbuds
of your ideal customers

Be the most mindful & strategic mother out here. Create & publish audio ads that’ll get your product or service heard by millions – in under 5 minutes.
How it works

You create an ad using our tools. We setup your campaign on the backend.  You get heard by your customers.
Watch this 3 minute video explaining it in detail.

If you can order lunch using DoorDash, you can use Decibel to create an ad

You’re a performance marketer that’s constantly on the lookout for that “blue ocean”, that can move the needle & not break the bank. With Decibel you’ll be doing backstrokes in that ocean that’ll expedite you hitting your target goals, whether it’s for boosting your brand awareness or padding your bottomline.

You don't need to be a part of the Don Draper Rat Pack to get your ads created

You might be thinking, ‘Ah geez! To do a decent ad, I’m going to have to hire a creative agency and spend tens of thousands of dollars, for it to “maybe” work?!’
But you don’t. With Decibel, you can create and launch your ad in under 5 minutes. You can get your in-house team to write the copy & create the graphic for your ad OR you can do it yourself using Canva and our pre-written script templates (your welcome!).

406 million people listen to Spotify in 184 different markets. Get in their earbuds with a professional audio ad that takes less than 5 minutes to create

And might we mention, that’s not including the AM/FM listeners, Pandora, and other digital audio stations – that are rolling in the hundreds of millions. And that’s for EACH platform. On top of that stat, the average commute can take as long as 60 minutes (or more) one way. And in that time people will hear any number of commercials. Make sure yours is one of them.


Have your radio ads played on your favorite apps + radio stations

Free Audio Ad Creation Tools

Between our AI voices and templated scripts, you can create your audio ad, quickly and easily, in minutes.

Best audio ad platforms

Get the bragging rights to say that your ad is playing on YouTube Music, Spotify, AM/FM Radio and more.

No Minimum Spend

No minimums. No contracts.
You can stop anytime.


Get the analytics you need to make decisions about your campaign in your dashboard.

Target Your Ads

Hyperlocal targeting to reach people
 near your brick & mortar business.

Launch Fast

Setup your campaign in minutes,
and have it live in hours.

What our customers says

Decibel is exactly what audio advertising needed – they’ve turned an opaque and slow process into an easy to use, and accessible to everyone. Highly recommended.

Cory Dobbin
VP, Brand Strategy @ Boomn
I don’t think anyone is doing something better in the audio ads world. This is going to be the next big thing.
Dylan Carpenter
Foundery @ Koality Media

Audio is the next big growth channel for brands big and small, local and national.
Decibel is the easiest and best way to get started with audio today.

Richie Mashiko
Head of Growth @ She's Birdie

Ready to run your ads? Get these assets in place before you jump into the platform. Watch these videos for a crash course on what you’ll need to hit the ground running.