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The Three Things
You Need to Make Your Audio Ad

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Scripted Templates

There’s no reason to reinvent the fanny pak when it comes to writing ad copy for your business or service. We have hundreds of effective scripted templates for you to copy off of & plug-n-play with. Find the one that works for you, and be done in minutes.

Example Ads Library

The classics are a classic for a reason. Learn from some of the behemoths in the game. Go to our Audio Ads Library, get inspired, take what works, and add your own spin.

Campaign Planning

The Decibel Campaign Planning Tool can help you understand how many impressions your campaign will get as well as give suggested budgets to effectively reach your audience. Go ahead and give it a try now.

Meet Our AI Voices

No Voice Actor, no problem. We have AI Voices that sound, surprisingly, human. Give them a listen now.

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