Creative Ad Copywriting 101

So, you want to write original copy for your audio ad? We’re here for it! If you’ve never done this before, here’s an 18-minute video series giving you the basics of writing some damn good – and effective – copy for your audio ads.

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A short introduction of what’s to come in this 18 minute video series. That’s less time spent watching most YouTube videos.

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Want the simple  formula for getting your ad written 
in a time crunch? We break it down, with an audio ad example.

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The Research

The heftiest, yet most crucial part of this series. We’re talking value propositions, ways for you to “sweeten the deal,” customer research on their “why’s”, and more!

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The Puzzle

Time to go through the process of piecing together your audio ad copy. And fair warning, your first draft is going to be a toss. But don’t fret. We’ve given you some tips to get you over that hump.

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The Pitfalls

We mention (3) things you need to avoid when creating your audio ad. It may not apply to you, but you better watch to make sure.

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Test & Learn

We cover some best practices & tips to tracking the success of your audio ad. If you want to read more in detail about calculating the cost per conversion of your radio ads, check out our full article here:
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Get Inspired

Seeing other people’s work, can kickstart an idea for you and your project. Here are some places you can look for your next inspiration.

Have your audio script written? Then, it’s time to Austin Kleon this sucker, and show your work! Jump into the app & publish your ad for your audience to hear.