Everything Else

Our goal at Decibel is to make everything on our platform as accessible as possible while maintain the sophistication that advertisers need to run world class campaigns. Below are some answers to common questions.


Typically billing is done via credit card. We provide ad spend reports as well that are downloadable CSVs. These will not line up 100% with the same dates as your campaigns ran because they are on a 48-72 hour delay to ensure we only charge you for the right amount.

Additionally you can pre-load your account or pay for larger campaigns via insertion order / IO.

For managed services companies spending at least $50,000 per month we offer net 30 billing.

Partner Integrations

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Freewheel to help advertisers execute audio ad campaigns. After you setup your campaign you can input your credentials from Strata to link your Decibel account and pull back analytics.

We also work with Strata’s AEInbox feature and have call sign letters for spot buyers as well.

We’ll continue to update this section with additional information as we roll out this integration over the coming weeks.


By default Decibel generates a “Sitewide” and “Checkout” pixel to help you understand your results. You can generate additional events during campaign setup. Best practice is to put the sitewide pixel in the head of every page and the checkout pixel in the head of just your final conversion confirmation page eg. Checkout confirmation, lead form confirmation, etc.


Decibel also offers an API should you have a custom use case that webhooks doesn’t cover. By default our read API is available to any user, but we also have a write API for select partners. If you’re interested in leveraging the Decibel write API email us at hi@decibelads.com with the subject line “Partner Inquiry” and we’ll get back to you right away. To check out the Decibel read API please take a look here. (Must be signed into the app to view)