Director of Managed Services ($80,000 – $120,000/YR + Stock + Health benefits)

$80,00 – 120,000/YR + Stock + Health benefits

Are you a top 1% media buyer looking to grow with a scaling adtech startup into the future? Interested in influencing the product evolution of the platform you work on day in and day out? Want both the predictability of a paycheck but the upside of having equity in a hot startup? Tired of the agency work grind and want to build an actual product that you can grow with over time? Keep reading. Together we’ll grow Decibel, a venture backed startup, and you will help take us from $1 million a month in revenue to $50 million a month, in 3 years, and make your mark on the media industry forever.

So who are we? We’re Decibel, and we’re the performance audio ads buying platform. We’ve scaled from 10k in revenue a month to 1 million a month in just over a year. We’ve raised a pre-seed round of venture capital and are in flight raising our seed round to hire more and accelerate growth into the future. Audio is a $40 billion market and we’re building the performance buying platform for the 99% of brands that are ready to grow.

We need a director of managed services to drive exceptional business outcomes for enterprise clients by buying, measuring, and optimizing audio ads at scale. You’ll have the opportunity to jump in and work directly with the larger clients on our platform to drive exceptional results for their performance focused ad campaigns. We need someone that ideally has a background where they’re comfortable wearing multiple hats. Whether it’s doing the math on sales / leads lift to create a ROAS number, optimizing campaigns, running creative tests and working with voice actors to produce audio ads creative, working with our product team to influence our conversion optimization processes, or more you’re down to not just do anything but figure out the best way to do it and create the processes so you can grow this team into the future.

The ideal candidate has at least 4 years of experience working as a freelancer or a performance marketer for an agency or DTC brand or lead generation focused brand. You an not only do the work but communicate it well. You do the things you say you’re going to do, can work with sales, customer support, and interface directly with clients. You’re flexible willing to learn what you don’t know. You fail fast and figure things out with minimum guidance. You’re comfortable both executing digital ad buys and terrestrial am/fm radio buys negotiating contracts, setting flight dates, buying remnant inventory, and managing creative.

The ideal candidate:

-Is comfortable wearing many hats

-Can “figure it out” and is an expert Googler

-Is NOT a perfectionist. Is comfortable moving fast and making (smart) mistakes.

-Is willing to take thoughtful risks

-Has 4+ years of performance media buying experience

-Has bought and negotiated contracts with legacy media buys

-Is extremely data driven. Very comfortable parsing data and taking action based on insights.

-Is creative. Can run creative production for audio ads and banner companions

-Is personable. Can jump on calls with clients and make them feel good about their campaigns.

-Can document and scale processes.

-Is organized. Will communicate what they are doing through our project management software.

-Sweats the details to delivery a high quality outcome

-Intellectually curious and willing to experiment.

-Doesn’t wait for others to do what they can to get started. Is ahead of the curve.

-Is comfortable balancing multiple stakeholders between brands and agencies.

To apply send a quick video walking me through a campaign you’ve built either internally or for a client (with their permission of course) running me through what the goals were, how you achieved them, and what your decision making process was to get there over time. A home run is nice but a stubborn project that took elbow grease and ingenuity to figure out is best. In addition please include your Linkedin. Resume is optional. We’re not into credentialism here.

Email me:

Use the subject line “The data must flow”. People that don’t won’t be considered.

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