How to create an AM/FM campaign

Decibel is the one stop shop for audio and with that goal in mind we’ve recently added the ability to buy am/fm broadcast radio ads across 850+ stations and are planning on adding hundreds more in q2 2023. Now AM/FM radio buyers can have simplified work flows, cheaper CPMs, manage the digital transition to digital audio, have consolidated analytics with 0 work across their am/fm and digital buys, and more.

The process to setup a broadcast campaign is super simple though it does require a bit more work than a typical digital campaign and there are some limitations inherent to the format that require a few more semi-manual pieces. That said it’s still on average 90% faster than a typical radio buying process. This campaign type is currently only available in the United States

To get started click the button labeled “New AM/FM Radio Campaign” in the top left hand corner of your dashboard.

  1. We’ll ask if you current buy am/fm radio ads. If you have in the past longer than 90 days ago or if you have never bough them before.
    -If you current buy radio ads we’ll ask you what station groups you are working with and what specific stations you’re buying your radio ads on.
  2. Next we’ll ask you what your geographic targets are.
  3. We’ll then ask you your gender targeting.
  4. Then we’ll ask what age ranges you are targeting.
  5. Then we’ll ask what specific audience attributes you are looking for. This let’s us build you a media plan that the right station, time of day, and geographic market over indexes with your target. Eg High net worth individuals, executives, foodies, etc.
  6. If you wish to target a specific genre we can prioritize that in your media plan. This is an optional field.
  7. Next step we’ll ask for your flight dates or if you’re running your campaigns on an ongoing basis.
  8. We’ll next ask how you want to optimize your campaign. Your options are:
    -Maximum Reach
    -Lowest CPMs
    -Prime Time / Drive Time
    -Highest Frequency Possible
  9. Next we’ll ask what your budget for this campaign is.
  10. Then we’ll ask if you have ad creative ready to go or if you require help from Decibel’s expert copywriters and production team. Your options are:
    -You have an ad ready and can simply upload it.
    -You have a script but need a voice actor or AI voice to create the ad.
    -You have neither a script nor a an ad and need Decibel to help with both pieces.
  11. Then we’ll ask for your email to send your media plan to.
  12. Lastly we’ll ask for a deposit for putting together your media plan.

After you complete the form and create your reservation what happens next is.

  1. A member of the Decibel team will create a media plan utilizing out internal tools within the next 24 hours.
  2. You’ll receive this plan via docusign to the email you provided.
  3. If you approve this plan we’ll send you an invoice for the campaign.
  4. Once the invoice is paid we’ll immediately setup your campaign, and if you provided an audio ad will launch as soon as you indicated in your campaign setup.
  5. If you indicated that you wanted Decibel to write and/or record your ad we’ll provide that within 24 hours of your media plan being approved.
  6. Once you approve your creative and your campaign goes live a campaign will be added to your dashboard and your am/fm analytics metrics and breakdowns will appear in your analytics suite.

It’s that simple to buy AM/FM audio at scale with Decibel. If you have any additional questions please reach out to us at