What is Decibel?

It wouldn’t really be the 20s without the rise of audio. In the 1920s it was radio. In the 2020s it’s streaming audio, it’s podcasts, it’s asmr, it’s all sorts of weird and wonderful things. The truth is that right now there is more audio being made at an ever accelerating pace. More and more niche content, more voices that never would have made it into a radio studio. We’re in a golden age for audio expression. 

This golden age, beyond the obvious implications for creators, also creates an incredible opportunity for marketer. Supply is rapidly outpacing demand, and audio has always been one of the most valuable forms of advertising in a small business owners tool set of promoting their business. 

What we see is an opportunity, an opportunity not only in terms of using one of the most powerful advertising mediums available to drive strong outcomes, but to do it differently, to do it right. We set out on this journey not only to build a platform where people can buy audio ads, but to build a platform where anyone can buy audio ads. This 20s we’re not going to just sit idly by while the same handful of mega corporations dominate the air waves. We here at Decibel think that small businesses are the backbone not of the USA, but of the world. When small local businesses thrive communities thrive. The best way we can support those small businesses is by giving them equal footing and the tools to truly compete with large corporations in terms of advertising, arguably the most important way to grow a business. 

So that’s what we’re doing here. That’s what Decibel is. We’re democratizing access to audio ads. We’re built for the small businesses that make the world a better place. We hope we’re able to help you. Let’s build something great together.

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