3 podcast ad examples to inspire your campaign

With these three podcast ad examples, you can get inspired to create your own. Here’s how each of these offer unique ways to engage and convert listeners.
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Imagine a crowd of people is eagerly awaiting a show. Suddenly, the host gets on stage. Before they start, they pitch a company, product, or service. The audience is already excited for the show. Why not listen to the pitch while they wait?

Podcast listeners are an engaged audience to tap into for your business. With host-read ads, you can raise brand awareness during each podcast episode.

Host-read ads, which are ads that are read by the host of the podcast, differ from programmatic podcast ads. Programmatic podcast ads, on the other hand, are pre-produced ads that are often inserted on specific programs based on unique targeting parameters. 

In this post, we’ll highlight three effective podcast ad examples that you can use to inspire your own ad.

But before we look at those, let’s review how a podcast ad campaign can help your company.

Why podcast ads are effective

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Marketers need to optimize their ad spend to get the most bang for their buck. There’s nothing worse than shredding cash, and paying for marketing on the wrong channels is like dumping your money in a blender. 

Podcast advertising is becoming a lucrative marketing channel. Clutter on social media can make it hard for your ad to stand out. Plus, social media users might be passively scrolling, not engaged with the content on their screens. 

Podcast listeners, however, are more engaged with the content. The Edison Research Super Listeners Report shows that 86% of consumers remember hearing a podcast ad while only 80% recall seeing a social media ad.

In addition, social media ads are associated with rising costs. Facebook ads have rising cost per mille (CPM) rates, making them more expensive than in previous years. Marketers are starting to look for alternatives to those types of customer acquisition channels, leading them to lucrative options such as radio streaming and podcast marketing.

The type of podcast ad format may also be more engaging than some of your other social and digital ads. For example, a host-read ad lends credibility to your product or service. The podcast host, who the audience already trusts and respects, is indirectly endorsing your product and sharing its value and use cases.

You can also choose when your ad appears during a podcast, with options for pre-roll (before the show), mid-roll ads (in the middle of the show), and post-roll ads (after the show). Pricing for pre-roll ads can be more expensive, since this is when the audience is most attentive and poised to respond to your pitch.

Podcasts are also downloadable content. This means that your ad can be listened to over and over again. As listeners consult their downloads on their device, your ad will be discovered again and again after podcast episode drops. And just like that first date photo you have deep within your archives, your ad can stay on their device forever.

Now that you know the impact of your podcast ads, let’s take a look at a few different podcast ad examples.

3 winning podcast ad examples

A GIF of LeVar Burton listening to a podcast and saying, "You gotta hear this."

Three amazing podcast ad examples are from companies such as Two Men and a Truck, J Wiser’s Whisky, and Grubhub.

1. Value-focused ad: Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck, the national moving service, launched a podcast ad campaign on Spotify to increase bookings for their moving service.

The campaign involved a 30-second ad that played as a pre-roll ad spot. By having the ad appear on popular podcasts, the company aligned their brand with relevant content that was loved and revered by its listeners. In this way, the brand was betting that podcast audiences who trusted the host may also trust Two Men and a Truck for their moving needs.

The podcast ad opens with the line, “Clutter can add up fast.” The company immediately empathizes with the consumer’s problem. 

Then, it highlights their core value propositions:

  • A professionally trained team
  • Equipped to remove items safely
  • Available when you need them

The ad concludes with the call-to-action (CTA) to contact Two Men and a Truck and get a free junk removal quote. By placing an emphasis on the free quote, the company is enticing qualified prospects to make the call. Once they have them on the phone, they can upsell their services and close the sale.

This ad exemplifies everything your podcast ad should be: punchy, informative and succinct. You only have so much real estate in a podcast ad, so make sure every word counts.

2. Host-recorded ad: J.P. Wiser’s Whisky

J.P. Wiser’s Whisky’s ad is an excellent example of how a host-read advertisement can engage listeners in your desired audience. The whisky company launched an ad campaign on Conan O’Brien’s hit podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.

Conan opens the ad talking about friends sitting on a couch texting each other to plan drinks that never actually happen. Then he introduces J.P. Wiser’s Whisky as a brand that wants to bring people together. He reinforces in this audio ad that the whisky is all about friendship and making the concept of “drinks with friends” happen.

In his own endearing way, he helps the target audience connect to the brand and invites them to think about the last time they had their friends over for drinks. (And let’s face it: Who wouldn’t want to have a drink with Conan O’Brien?) It’s almost like a friend is telling you what you should consider buying. 

In order to do a host-recorded ad correctly, you need to have buy-in from the host and select the right podcast. Depending on the audience demographics of your potential customers, this may be the route for you. 

3. Clear takeaways: Grubhub

If you could press a button on an app to order an engaging podcast ad, this would be the one. Grubhub launched an ad campaign on NPR.

Their podcast ad connects Grubhub to the habit of “staying up-to-date” listening to podcasts, aligning the brand to the engaged audience listening. Then, the ad highlights their partnerships with 265,000+ restaurants across 4,000+ cities in America. 

The ad spotlights a promotion with Panera, offering a free delivery for people who make their first purchase from Panera. The ad concludes with a CTA inviting listeners to order through the Grubhub app or online. Ads like this often offer a promo code or coupon code to further entice listeners.

The ad is a worthy example of an effective podcast ad because it is so simple. The ad only gives three major points, making it easy to digest and simple for the listener to recall the information. This podcast ad example is concise and impactful. 

Effective podcast ad campaigns

A GIF of a man listening to a podcast and nodding his head in approval

Starting your first podcast ad campaign can be a major step for a company. It may be your first time presenting your brand in front of engaged listeners. You don’t want to screw it up! 

Thankfully, you can dissect these three podcast ad examples and learn how to create an engaging podcast ad campaign that is both effective and memorable even after the podcast concludes. With the right strategy in place, you’ll drive meaningful results for your business through your unforgettable podcast ad.

Start drafting your own podcast ad by reviewing Decibel’s unique ad scripts. Select one to personalize, so it closely reflects the value that your business has to offer.

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