Pizza Shops

Script #1

Here at Pierre’s Pizzeria we know we’ve got Montreal’s best pizza. For the hottest and freshest slices and pies, stop by ADDRESS today and ask for our limited-time OFFER/DEAL/SPECIAL. That’s right— OFFER/DEAL/SPECIAL—it’s the pizza lovers’ taste at the pizza lovers’ price. Ooey, gooey, cheesy—easy. That’s Pierre’s Pizzeria down at ADDRESS. Come on by today and taste what you’ve been missing. Pierre’s Pizzeria at ADDRESS. It’s pizza. Just pizza.

Script #2

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Script #3

For Montreal’s number one best-tasting pizza, it’s gotta be Pierre’s Pizzeria. Hot, fresh, tasty, and fast, order online today at to find out just what you’ve been missing. From the dough to the cheese to your absolute favorite toppings, we do it with that olde world love and care. Pizza—pizza! There’s nothing simpler; there’s nothing better. Order online today at That’s Pierre’s Pizzeria. Just a pick-up or delivery away.

Script #4

For Montreal’s best slice or pie, you know it’s Pierre’s Pizzeria. Located at ADDRESS, we’ve got ‘em coming out of the ovens fresh and ready to go. Hot, steamy, authentic, fast—stop by Pierre’s Pizzeria today we’ll make you up one to order. Bready, cheesy, tomato, crust—pizza: you know it, you want it, you need it. That’s Pierre’s Pizzeria—the best in the city—at ADDRESS. Hot, fresh, tasty, timely: stop by—we’ll see you today.

Script #5

Here at Pierre’s Pizzeria we know we’ve got Montreal’s best pizza. For a fresh, hot pie made to order, call 555-5555 now and discover that olde world taste you’ve been missing. You know you gotta eat, so why not do it right? Tomato, bread, cheese, crust, sticky, chewy, ooey—it’s pizza! Fast and easy, pick-up or delivery, that’s Pierre’s Pizzeria at 555-5555. Call now, order now, eat now. That’s 555-5555. Pierre’s Pizzeria.