How to use a radio ad script template to create your commercial

With this radio ad script template, you can appeal to listeners and lead them to engage with your brand. Here are the four parts of an ad you need to include.
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No matter how skilled you are, sometimes, you need a little guidance.

Travelers on the Oregon Trail used the rivers. Sailors use the stars. And you can use this radio ad script template to create effective radio advertising.

The effectiveness of your radio advertising campaign depends on the quality of your commercial. Thus, you want to be sure you’re following the best practices and structuring your commercial or jingle in the most impactful way to grab the listener’s attention. 

Thankfully, we’ve compiled those best practices for you in this post along with a sample radio ad script template that you can use for your next campaign. Before we get to it, though, let’s take a look at why and how you should use one.

How to use a radio ad script template

Radio ad script template: person in a recording room

A radio ad script template is a guide to help you identify the core components of a commercial.

It’s important to know that the radio ad script template is just a starting point. You should just use it as a rough guideline and write copy that truly works for your business.

You can think of a radio ad script template as a blank puzzle. You get the pieces that you need to assemble in the correct order. And then, you also need to add your own color and brand to the finished product.

The magic of using a radio ad script template is that it is based on multiple ads, learning from the successful and not-so-successful ones before it. 

More than $27.9 billion was spent on radio ads last year. So, it’s worth the extra effort to make yours stand out. With simple, creative copy, you can transform the template into a memorable radio commercial script for your next campaign.

Radio advertisement script example

Man writing a radio ad script template

Before you dive into the radio ad script template, you need to read an entire radio ad script from start to finish. This will help you grasp the feel of an effective ad and start to get your wheels turning.

Decibel has a complete list of sample radio advertisement scripts that you can choose from. You can segment them by industry to find a great radio sample script that will work for you.

One example is an ad for Pierre’s Gym:

Lose weight, bulk up, feel good, look great! Whatever your goals, for Montreal’s best cardio, weights, personal training and more, Pierre’s Gym has got you covered. Don’t wait any longer to be the fittest, healthiest, best you that you can be: for a limited time, email Pierre’s Gym today at and get 15% off our yearly plan. That’s right, 15% off an entire year’s worth of fitness, wellness and health when you email today. That’s Pierre’s Gym at

This ad has many signature components that will make up a standard radio ad script template. It’s not too long or too short. It’s the ideal length of ad copy to fill a 30-second spot and impress your target audience. Best of all: It hooks the audience immediately, speaks directly to the target audience, shares the value proposition, and provides an offer and call-to-action.

Let’s use this ad to help us outline a winning radio ad template.

Your complete radio ad script template

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Here it is: your cheat sheet to quickly create a memorable 30-second radio ad.

Like any creative endeavor, there are multiple parts needed in order to create a masterpiece. Use the parts in the template below to create something worth hearing.

Part 1: An attention-grabbing introduction

Your audience just finished listening to an amazing song or an engaging host — how will you keep their attention as your commercial starts to play? Impress them with an attention-grabbing introduction. Use voice actors or compelling background music while you deliver a compelling first line to elicit an emotional response. 

In the example above, Pierre’s Gym came out swinging with, “Lose weight, bulk up, feel good, look great!” This opening line highlighted their gym’s value proposition, appealing to the various reasons why their target audience would go to a gym in the first place.

Part 2: The what

Now that your audience is listening, tell them who you are! This is your shot to give them your company or product pitch, outlining what you offer and why they will want it. Speak directly to your target customer and let them know why you are a perfect match.

Pierre’s Gym says, “Whatever your goals, for Montreal’s best cardio, weights, personal training and more, Pierre’s Gym has got you covered.” The phrase “whatever your goals” conveys that their gym is open to everyone no matter the skill level. In addition, they highlighted exactly what the gym offers its customers: the best cardio, weights, personal training and more. In just a few seconds, the listener will know enough about Pierre’s Gym to form an opinion about it in their mind.

 Part 3: The offer

Give the listeners something of value before they depart. This can be an offer, discount, or a special gift waiting for them in the store. Providing them with instructions, whether it’s to input a specific code or mention the ad in the store, will encourage them to continue to think about your advertisement after the 30 second radio spot concludes in order to take advantage of the in-store promotion in the coming days.

Pierre’s Gym offered 15% off memberships. With different offers per campaign, you’ll be able to understand which campaigns are reaching the right audience and resonating with them.

Part 4: The call-to-action (CTA)

Lastly, specifically state what you want the listener to do. For example, Pierre’s Gym offered 15% off when you emailed today. So, the call to action is to take advantage of their offer as soon as possible.

Invite your listeners to checkout online with a unique code, take advantage of a sale, or donate by the end of your campaign.

How Decibel can help

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With the template above, you can begin crafting an advertisement that suits your business.

But there are more tools to take advantage of. For example, Decibel’s script library provides dozens of sample scripts to inspire you. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll find one that is likely related to your business and offering.

As you finalize your script, consider using Decibel’s AI audio ad creation tools to add a voiceover and bring your ad to life. Once it’s ready, you can look at where to launch it so it reaches your target audience and get it live on your favorite apps and radio stations. 

Creating the perfect radio ad

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Using a radio ad script template will provide you with an advantage over other companies that are creating their ads from scratch. The radio ad script template will give you a framework for an effective ad. This will ultimately expedite the process and save you time in the long run.

The most compelling radio advertisements have an attention-grabbing introduction, tell your audience who your business is, an offer, and a call-to-action. By incorporating those four components and using Decibel’s ad creation and targeting tools, you can easily create and execute your next radio ad campaign in just a few clicks. 

Start mapping out your next campaign with our campaign planning tool, which helps businesses forecast how many impressions they’ll get and how much the campaign will cost.

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